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Having the privilege of serving as Beth’s pastor for over 24 years now has afforded me the time to observe the validity of her testimony.  As I reflect back over these years, I can unreservedly corroborate the undisputed consistency of her words with her life.  When Faith Fails opens the window of vulnerability into Kathryn and Kara’s winding journey to give us an insightful view of God’s shaping grace along the road of redemption.  Beth Withers Banning does a masterful job communicating the harsh reality of abuse and the fresh renewal of healing grace.  Through personal experience, research and counseling, Beth has creatively scripted a unique blend of empathy and objectivity to help victims of abuse find redeeming hope and balance.  Unfortunately, Kathryn and Kara’s story of raw truth and pain can be retold over and over.  However, God receives His greatest glory in providing redemption in a broken world.  Regretfully, we may never be able to answer the “why” questions in regard to innocence lost on this side of eternity, but Beth’s resilient perspective offers a breath of invigorating hope in a suffocating world of debauchery and exploitation.  Perhaps Kathryn and Kara’s story can be best summed up in Beth’s quote from Joseph of old, “…you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive” (Genesis 50:20).      


Dr. J. Mark Dallalio

Pastor and Educator  

As a CASA dealing with children who have been abused, neglected and abandoned, I have read books, articles, and attended training to learn the signs and solutions so that we as “the voice” for these kids can get them to a protected environment.  We can actually hear the silent screams through some of the same signals the author speaks of in this book.  Beth Withers Banning has taken every fear, every moment of doubt, every lost moment of opportunity to see evil and has put it all in an emotional, truthful unveiling for anyone reading this book to look at sexual abuse from a family member in a distinctive light. 

Kenney Hayes

Co-Founder Women Who Win and CASA Advocate

Author of “The Bark of a Tree”

As a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), I advocate for children who are the victims of sexual abuse, typically by an erstwhile trusted family member. In When Faith Fails, Beth Withers Banning articulates perfectly in the telling of Kathryn's and Kara's story the searing painful journey and crisis of faith of a parent dealing with the aftermath of her daughter's serial sexual abuse. Those on the sidelines can feel overwhelmingly helpless and hopeless. The author demonstrates how one can find healing and wholeness despite such tragic circumstances.


Jeffrey L. Green

CASA Advocate



Wow!!! What an honest and open account of one's life! At times, it was hard to read because of the pain I felt for you. You were open to your very soul!! I am so proud of you, just as I know J.H., T.T,  and J.H. are, and to have been a part of an amazing life well lived. This book will touch so many lives that are struggling, as it points all of us back to the Book of Truth!!


Carter Smith


What a joy to journey with the author through her childhood, adolescence, young adult and adult stages of her life.  Cinderella was in search for her prince charming.  Even though it was a painful pursuit at times,   each experience and relationship taught her valuable life lessons as she traveled.  At the end of the journey, she found her prince charming and realized he had been searching for her throughout her life.  I highly recommend this book to male and female, young and old …it will bless you heart, provide instruction, reveal truth and relieve a little bit of your pain as you journey through life.  I pray this read is as much a blessing to you as it was to me.              


Dr. Jimmy Withers, Pastor

President,  Ironmen Ministries

Author and sister-in-law Beth Banning skillfully painted moving honest portraits of the men God brought into her life; however, not with the stroke of a brush using oil or acrylics, but rather perfectly illustrated the pages of this book with her gift of words.  For anyone in pursuit of finding their Prince Charming, I highly recommend "When The Glass Slipper Breaks" as inspiration in discovering their ultimate soul mate.                    


David A. Green, President / CEO         PBH RESIDENTIAL CARE HOMES


Thank you Jesus for bringing Cinderella into my life. As usual, your timing was perfect.  After a major promotion and the daunting task of overhauling a marketing and sales department you provided the Diamond needed to guarantee success.  She was anything but ordinary.  There was no doubt Big Daddy and her Dad would be so proud.  Her work ethic was amazing.  Her positive can-do attitude was incredible.  Her writing skills are the best I have ever seen.  Most of all her integrity and trust in the Lord were present every day.  Thank you Cinderella for being part of my family.


God Bless-Terry Thach,

 Business Owner

Beth Banning’s compact and insightful book is ideal for anyone to read especially women. Beth does a great job keeping the reader’s attention as she prompts her audience to consider the impact men have had in their life. I had chills when I read how God used me as an instrument in her life. I’ve got to believe anyone reading Beth’s story, whether mature or young in the faith will find much to meditate and reflect on in their own life’s journey.  Her story is a great reminder to all of us that we can achieve “the sparkling diamonds of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, temperance and meekness.”  Beth challenges us to focus on the eternal perspective and not allow our temporal circumstances to define who we are.


All for His Glory, Jeff Haddock

Business Owner




“I love a book where I can read and learn at the same time. This was a wonderful example of a historical fiction work that also informs the reader, and it’s one of my favorite genres. You did a great job with capturing the characters in their era and presenting them clearly and relating them to the readers. You meshed setting, plot and character together very well, and the story was a pleasure to read.”

Writers Digest Judges 2017

Reading "A Life Worth Remembering" was simply wonderful! I could not put it down. I personally knew Beth's late great Aunt "Billie", as she was affectionately called. She would have been so proud of the accomplished writing of her niece. Beth's studied weaving of the landscape of history with the dynamic life's story of this beloved character made for a delightful and interesting read. Tugging at heart-strings through tears and laughs made me thankful to have known such a lady. Additionally, there are many real reasons why Texas is the greatest State in the Union! Author Beth Banning just illuminated an important one in her most recent published work, "A Life Worth Remembering".

~ Terri Green, Owner / COO

I loved reading this book-it is rich with history and also a very sweet story. I couldn't put it down. Matter of fact, I got so wrapped up in the story that I ended up doing additional research on the family and the historical events. You will love this book!

Linda J. Marrs

I so enjoyed reading this book. Not only is it interesting with history but follows one woman's love story with a very shocking ending. It should be made into a movie! 🙂

Amazon Customer



I cannot remember the last time that I sat down and read a book in its entirety in one setting!!!


I shed tears through reading this book and think of the women that can benefit.

Debra Dallalio

Pastor's Wife, Northside Baptist


*:  A gripping story, told with bravery and depth via the author’s gentle and relatable writing voice. ‘As grief stole pieces of his mind and heart’ is one example of the author’s talent for phrasing, and there are some truly gorgeous gems in this book. Excellent dialogue throughout. The author, in sharing healing insights, lets us feel her evolution and gives us take-aways that we can apply to our own


The Writer's Digest

eBook Contest Judges


"Not too many of us that have gone through the loss of a loved one are able to articulate and record the devastation and at the same time reach and comfort..."


Joyce Landorf Heatherley

Author and Owner,

Balcony Publishing


"She puts in print what some women who have gone through losing a child only think in the darkest hour."


Kenney Hayes

Co-Founder Women Who Win

Author of "What Do You Want

to Be When you Grow Up"


"...it is my prayer sharing her journey will strengthen ours until that day when God shall wipe away all tears."


Faith Austin, Pastor's Wife

Friendswood Baptist Church


"I would encourage every family member who has experienced the final decision of an abortion or the loss of a child read this book...it will rescue you from the pains and frustration of questions..."


Louise C. Oldham

Pastor's Wife/Educator

Arlington Baptist College


Hell No I Don't Remember.
I Have Alzheimer's!

When you read the title of this book, you might have been alarmed. Those were the very words spoken by one of our loved ones when they were asked if they remembered.

As the reader enters the world of Alzheimer's and dementia with their loved one, the most significant discovery is the fact that they will be in for a roller coaster ride.  A ride of various twists, turns, breath-taking drops and heart-pounding suspensions of unsuspecting memory loss, changing personalities, unfiltered speech and at times difficult behaviors.  This ride may leave them fearful, exhausted, tearful, or exhilarated with purpose.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are inordinate diseases that steal away the thoughts and perspectives of those infected. They are villains that corrode the filters of one’s mind leaving them open for more decay. No longer can we expect the tactful, diplomatic, spiritually-minded, and educated loved one we once knew.

All four authors of this book experienced the reality of our loved ones losing their filter. Every one of our mothers was spiritual in the strictest sense of the word. We had never heard a curse word come out of their mouths and lived in a home that required strict spiritual protocols of kindness, tact, diplomacy, and love.

You can only imagine the shock of hearing their response to our questions. Expecting the gentle refrain of our loving mothers, we have heard precisely, and I mean precisely, what is on their mind. Hence, the title “Hell No I Don’t Remember. I Have Alzheimer’s!”

As you walk through the pages of this book, you will undoubtedly see something you recognize if you are dealing with this disease. You will see your loved one in a light you never wanted; but, you may also find yourself laughing through the tears.

You will go through the dark caves, brightest days, and cloudy skies of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It will prepare you for the unthinkable, the sweet repose, and the limitless changes you will face; all the while capturing the sweetest moments and hidden smiles.

It is our hope that you will find solace in knowing others are walking this walk with you. You are not alone. You can find a respite in each chapter and perhaps take away valuable information.

Take it a day at a time, and cherish those moments when you see your true loved one again and again.


When Faith Fails, details the journey of Kathryn and Kara as they experienced the aftermath of sexual abuse.  After years of deceptions and lies, Kathryn and Kara wanted to speak out against this horrendous evil which I believe is the silent scream of our generation.


When Faith Fails is a valuable resource for mothers who have had to face this grueling ordeal.  Through their story, Beth Withers Banning offers an opportunity for mothers of abuse victims to produce beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  When parents’ faith fails, Kathryn and Kara remind us that believing again is possible.


When the Glass Slipper Breaks is a poignant journey through the author's broken relationships.   Beth Withers Banning offers insights into overcoming the hurt and pain of good, bad, and ugly relationships.  Join her on her walk through Neverland to find her Prince Charming and see what happens.  You don't want to miss out on this fairy tale come true.


A Life Worth Remembering placed as a Top 10 Finalist in the Aspiring Author's Contest by Zondervan Publishing.  It is a historical fictional account of Ms. Withers Banning's aunt's life during the Women's Suffrage Movement in Texas. Have your Kleenex handy as you go back to the beginning of the 20th century and read her love story as well as her personal account of the sacrifices made for women to vote in Texas.    


Beth WithersBanning's

First Book

Don't miss this heart felt story ....

Hope for those who are searching for healing after the loss of a child.  A gripping story that  lends the reader a look into Beth's  life on her journey to recovery.

Author Beth Withers Banning

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