Merry Christmas Baby

As we enter this Christmas season and our thoughts are consumed with that precious Babe born in a manger, our minds can’t help but wander back to those of us who have lost our own children. The precious few moments we might have spent with them or held them so close resound in our hearts as we reflect on lost joys and experiences that might have been. Like Mary, we ponder these things in our hearts and wonder what in the world God intended.

I couldn’t help but think about how God felt that day He let His Son go. To leave His glory-filled throne in Heaven to robe Himself in flesh and dwell among His lowly creatures. God allowed His Only Son to be born in the lowliest estate imaginable. Birthday songs rang out from lowly shepherds while the heavenly host proclaimed the Good News of His birth. Born to die, a precious life He gave. Born to die, that I His love may share. Born to die, a promise to give. Born to die, that I might live.

As we think of our empty arms during this season, I think about how much like God we are. Very few get to experience the sacrifice God gave so intimately. We gave our treasures back to Him to bring glory to God in the Highest. Mary could not have possibly known what lay ahead for her Son; but she said, “be it according to thy word.” Merry Christmas Jesus. May you take our sweet babes in your arms today and produce great glory from our loss.

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