Every Life Matters - Happy Birthday Charles

Thirty-one years ago today, Charles Lester Banning entered my life and stayed only two hours. His tiny imprint mattered in ways beyond description. His life gave me new perspective, new hopes, new acceptance, and a new mind-set. By knowing him and loving him, he was able to show me what only a baby could – unconditional surrender. In those days when all that mattered was getting a new job, a new home, a new car, and social status, Charles showed me what really mattered. His little life established priorities in my life; and every day when circumstances mount, I remember what really is important because of him.

Many milestones took place on this day in history – the landing on the moon, the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting, and the first Women’s Rights Convention. One of the greatest milestones in my life, however, was when this sweet baby came into the world with all of the fight he could give and left just as peacefully as if he had served his only purpose. His life has mattered to me; and as a result, has touched many lives through my experience.

As we enter the election period, may we all unite in the understanding that all lives matter. Happy Birthday, Charles.

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