Infant Loss Awareness Month

My friend gave a stirring tribute to her baby and i thought it fitting to share it with you. October is Infant Loss Awareness Month. For mothers who have lost children, may you be comforted in your memories of the tiny imprint they put on our lives.

"5 years ago Peter and I lost a baby. It was not our first baby that we've lost but this one was probably the hardest! My older kids understood what was going on and they grieved with us. It was so hard to mourn the loss of this child and watch my kids mourn too. Emma and Nolan named her Rose and we talk about Rose a lot! I know that we have had 2 more kids since then but you never forget the ones you have lost! I don't say any of this to draw attention but this is definitely a subject that people struggle to talk about. We did for so long and still do sometimes.

October is infant loss awareness month and it happens to be the month we lost this baby. I will never forget the moment we were told and the entire 24 hours after that. It was awful! I remember that we told my dad first and how special that is to me now. I remember the exact moment and place we told Emma and Nolan. I remember Peter talking on the phone with his parents and sobbing so hard he couldn't even talk and then he handed me the phone to try and talk and I couldn't make the words come out either. I remember my mother in law just crying with us knowing that we couldn't even form words but we knew she was there. That day was one of the hardest days we have ever walked through. God has beyond blessed us with 2 more kids!! I know one day Peter and I will meet the precious lives that I carried for a short time and I know this all sounds sad and it is but I talk about and share things with everyone about Emma, Nolan, Ethan and Hannah so I feel like I need to remember this sweet baby too as well as the baby we lost before Emma. To say that my 2 little ones have gotten extra love and kisses today would be a complete understatement!! I am so blessed to have the family I do and I know my lost babies are not lost!! They are in the arms of Jesus and that is so comforting to us!!

For those of you that have lost babies... I grieve with you and pray with you! ❤️"

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