The Curious Meaning of Love

Love is probably the most misunderstood and misrepresented word in the English language. Defining love is virtually impossible and trying to do so seems to perpetuate an endless barrage of quotes and sayings. How could such a small four letter word mean so much? How can one seed of love actually change the world for the better?

That is the question for the ages; but it begs an inquisition to discover the answer. Yes, it’s true, “curiosity killed the cat;” but staying curious about love is what makes it abound. The depths, breadth, and heights of love are boundless and knows no limit. The more we seek love, the more we learn of it. The more we exhibit love, the more we understand it. The more we inculcate love into our own lives, the more loving we become.

So how is it that we lose our capacity to love? Wounds run deep, hurts abound, the conscious can be seared, and hate is cruel. All of these contribute to our loss; but in the end, love is a choice. We can choose to love in spite of cruelty, in spite of apathy, in spite of injustice. It is when we become incapacitated in choosing to love that life loses all meaning. After all, what if the Author of Love chose not to love us?

I hope on this Valentine’s Day, we can resurrect our capacity to love and choose to rise above the incivility and hate-mongering of our generation. After all, as the ancient poet Virgil once said, “Love conquers all.”

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