Dog Days of Summer

Entering the dog days of summer has a sedentary element to life that can be daunting. Who feels like doing anything in summer but going to the beach and watching the waves? The tiniest task seems insurmountable when it’s so hot outside you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

One can’t help but consider the seasons of life when thinking about summer. Those entering the Autumn of life seem to always have a grueling summer prior to the fresh breeze of Fall. Mid-life crises abound, parents reach the age of care, siblings build their own lives outside of yours’, corporations replace you for youth and beauty, and of course, children outgrow you. Life has a way of passing us by in the summer of life when there is more to do than is possible; but little energy or desire to do it.

So why does God place us in this season of life? Scripture gives us a gentle reminder to redeem the time during the summer of our life. “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer.” How are we preparing? What preparations need to be made in our life before we are incapable of making a difference? Our desire to get free or be released of the heavy burdens of life are met with the hot and formidable truth that glorifying God in every season is our purpose – even in summer when our purpose is ill-defined and the fruit of our existence seems to be withering on the vine.

Snow doesn’t come in summer for a reason. Having no reprieve of life’s demands has a purpose. We are met at the crossroads with a decision to be wise or foolish with those things we don’t want to face. Clearly, it is in the summer season of our life that our loving Lord teaches us total dependence upon God and His infinite mercies. The end of all wisdom is to fear God and keep His commandments even when life’s mistakes stare us in the face. Even when we realize we have dedicated our resources to the wrong things, the wrong people, the wrong focus. Even when the fruit of our labors appear to be seared in the hot sun.

These are the things that should drive us to the Living Water Christ offers and make us desperate for the holy. So, as we enjoy vacations and experience the beauty of God’s creation this summer, what honor will we bring to the One Who refreshes our soul with much-needed rain and whets our appetite for the celestial?

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