The Judges Have Spoken

It was my pleasure to receive the following feedback from the judges of Writers Digest 2017 Self-Published Books Contest.

“I love a book where I can read and learn at the same time. This was a wonderful example of a historical fiction work that also informs the reader, and it’s one of my favorite genres. You did a great job with capturing the characters in their era and presenting them clearly and relating them to the readers. You meshed setting, plot and character together very well, and the story was a pleasure to read.”

A Life Worth Remembering is a historically fictional account of my aunt’s life during the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Texas. It is both a love story as well as an act of heroism during the early years of the 20th century when women were fighting for their right to vote.

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My next book, When the Glass Slipper Breaks, will be available at the end of January. Stay on the look-out for our launch announcement.

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