The Second Day

There’s just something about that second day in the new year. All the glitz and glamour of Christmas is past and the New Year’s Eve parties have come and gone. After lazing around on the first day of the new year doing whatever suits us, a sense of dread may enter our minds thinking about the inevitable – that second day.

No day likes to come in second. It’s a pronouncement of the day after. The day after vacation. The day after a holiday. The day after fun and excitement. The day after loss. The day after unbearable hurt and pain. It’s a day when healing begins. A day that leads to the rest of your life.

As I contemplate this second day of 2018, I can’t help but think of the realities we faced last year nationally, corporately, and individually. Some things happened that we never dreamed possible. Some experiences were so excruciating we welcomed this second day. Some precious moments linger that we can carry into this second day with remembrance.

For those who are hurting on this second day, find comfort in its value. For those who are dreading what this second day means, find joy in the freedom of your circumstances. For those who can’t appreciate returning to work or the mundane routine of life, remember the blessings that brought us here.

Cherish this second day, for on the third day, Christ arose. It took a second day to carry us to the victory around the corner and joy unspeakable full of glory that is in our future!

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