If you’ve ever heard Johnny Cash’s rendition of “A Boy Named Sue,” you know that our identity is wrapped up in our name. I always thought my name was too stately for who I turned out to be. After all, when one hears the name Elizabeth, a queen comes to mind. Elizabeth means consecrated to God and has the auspicious meaning of being wholly devoted to Him. Oh, to live up to such a name!

My mother gave me Louise for a middle name which means famous warrior. Named after my esteemed Preacher’s wife, Louise Oldham, it was always an association I revered. Mrs. Oldham is a wise, godly woman who has enjoyed the blessings of God and His promises as a famous warrior. She is my mentor and friend; and has let me sit at her feet in every circumstance of life. Her wise counsel has brought me through death, parenting, divorce, and office politics. She has always been a bastion of truth with the capacity to see through to the human soul and nature of mankind. Not only did we share life together, she was also my professor in college. She taught Christian Ethics which led ministry students to understand the logistics of living out the Christian life.

My maiden name is Withers. Yes, as the caboose of such a propitious name as Elizabeth Louise, a horse’s backbone rounds out my identity. Actually, according to Webster a withers is the ridge between the shoulder blades of an animal. In many species, it is the tallest point of the body. Not sure how that has commanded of me the person I should be; but standing tall should round out the list.

As I began building a marketing platform for my books, I discovered that another Beth Banning had many books published that were in a different medium than mine. Two Beth Bannings? How could that be? Amazing as it sounds, the crossover has brought continual confusion to my identity. Therefore, moving forward I will be authoring my books under the name Beth Withers Banning; and my “When” series will all be redistributed through Elm Hill Publishing – a Division of Harper-Collins.

Look for them on Amazon and in bookstores by the end of the year. If you have difficulty finding them, remember there is a GREAT distinction in a name!

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