My sister gave my daughter a beautiful Willow holy family for their first Christmas when they got married; and we have been adding to it ever since. Now, twelve years later, we’ve seen angels, wise men, trees, a star, a creche, lots of animals and shepherds surrounding that precious One who represents everything Christmas is about.

As I decorated this year, we made our Willow nativity the centerpiece. As people walk in the door, it is the first thing they see. As we sit at the table, it is central to our sights. While sitting around the couch and watching TV, the nativity catches our eye. So, it was no wonder that I wanted to make it perfect. I strategically placed the animals next to the shepherds and had the angels towering over the Baby Jesus. The wise men were on the highest step next to the Incarnate Savior to present gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The creche, of course, had to be front and center with the star shining brightly above the sweet little Infant Boy.

Yes, it was a sight to behold for about one evening. When I woke up the next day, my beautiful arrangement had been altered. Our seven-year-old had a different idea of what the nativity should look like. After all, I had staged it where not everyone could see the Christ Child. Angel wings blocked the view of the shepherds and the wise men were completely in front where not everyone could see. And the animals…. let’s not mention how their views were obstructed.

So, in childlike fashion, he rearranged the nativity scene for EVERYONE to see the Reason for the Season. Oh, what a lesson I learned from that sweet child’s idea of Christmas. I wonder if we are all so anxious to see the Christ Child this year. Have we fought our way to the front to discover and recognize the true meaning of this holiday? Am I blocking the view of the Christ Child so that others cannot see? Have we as Christians made room around the nativity for EVERYONE to catch a glimpse of our Savior?

The beautiful thing about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is His openness to all. EVERYONE can see Him if we look. EVERYONE can experience that holy moment of grace when God Himself dwelt in flesh among us. EVERYONE can know the joy and exaltation of this time of year. His view is never blocked; and His splendor is available for all to see.

The question is, “How anxious are we to dwell in His presence?”

Once again, out of the mouth of babes, God spewed forth wisdom. It is a lesson I’ll never forget especially this Christmas season.

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