Phyllis Erwin Maynard's Story

Dearest Beth, I received and read your book today. I never knew you had experienced such pain, but I do understand that pain. In 1993 my daughter miscarried at 4 months. Even though there was only tissue left when she miscarried, she and I both understood that was a child, a part of our flesh and bone. The process of the miscarriage was presented in a bloody mess that was traumatic for me, as her mother, to see but even more for her because that was her child. It was years before we could talk about it all without crying. It still is a pain we bear as you talked about in your book. Then 2 years ago in November 2012, my son and his wife were told that the baby she was carrying that had a strong heartbeat just one month before, was no longer alive. She was admitted to the hospital and chose to be induced to labor which she had not gone through with their 2 boys because she couldn't dialate. It took 2 days of trying, but she finally delivered their only little girl. She was still born, but we all got to love on her and take pictures with her. She was given a name, but there was no funeral. Her name is Kyraine from the Bible which means great joy. My daughter-in-law has had a rough time these last 2 years missing her little girl, as well as her parents and I, but on a smaller scale. Again it is hard to talk about without crying. I am going to see them tomorrow and will take your book to her. I believe she can find some comfort in your words. You are such a blessed teacher and I thank you for your transparency and love for people that caused you to write such a book. Continued blessings to you in your ministry and willingness to grow further in the Lord.




Beth Banning Mommies

Oh Phyllis! I am so thankful the book ministered to you. That is my prayer that these hidden heartbreaks can find some kind of resolve. It is such a comfort to know others are walking this valley. Thank you again and please let me know if I can do anything for you and yours'. Love you.

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